Two of my sweetest horses have found a foster home! Lifer and Gracie (Itsaladylife and Relic Peace, for those of you who want to know) impressed Janet yesterday, and since she couldn’t decide, said she’d take them both. Paws crossed that this works out superfantabulistic for all parties involved. Yes, I made that word up.

Tony’s potential adoption is still being deliberated. We shall see.

News about T. T, if you have been following, has been up or down, hit or miss, great or leave-Kim-lying-in-the-dirt for a year and a half now. Like a really bad boyfriend, he gives me just enough brilliance to keep me thinking there could be something there, before he turns around and clobbers me.

Our new, wonderful employee Nancy was here the other day, and we got to talking about T’s erratic behavior. Now, Nancy has brought along numerous horses, some to grand prix, so she is worth listening to. She said she had a horse with similar problems, and it turned out he had really bad ulcers. Well, almost every horse coming off the track has ulcers, studies have proven, but after last winter I thought I had T’s largely resolved. And he doesn’t get more than a handful of grain and lives out 24/7. But what the heck, I am desperate and will try anything that won’t break the bank. So I mix his ranitidine with Maalox and dose him twice a day. Yeah, should be three, but I’d have to come back to the barn at night and chase him around a field in the dark, and he isn’t all that thrilled with getting meds. Guess what? Cribbing has decreased dramatically after only two days! He is off even his handful of grain and gets a few hay cubes. After this week, I may never catch the horse again. “No treat, no halter, honey, especially if I see a syringe.” So, I am going to do some more research, consult my vet, and keep you apprised of the Battle Against Ulcers.

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  1. Anna says:

    Kim — does he grind his teeth also? I’m wondering if my Irish TB might have a touch of ulcers — he just started doing this last week. He has not had any in the past but cannot tolerate Bute without ulcerguard paste; his teeth are OK, bit is fine, saddle fits well, nothing new other than we have had warm weather & the sand gnats are fierce. Just curious.

    • KWilkins says:

      No, he doesn’t, but he hates the bit (loose ring, double jointed, Sprenger kk bit, what’s to hate?). Had his teeth checked; they’re fine.


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