Nobody mentioned the wind!

Where did this come from? I can barely stand up it’s blowing so hard. Crike, Batman! Alexis and I brought the horses in and attempted a bit of grooming, but they are spinning and leaping so it wasn’t a huge success. Guess I won’t ride the girls today, not without my emergency backup buddy and that lovely invention, the cell phone. That AT&T tower is coming in handy. Now, if they’d only add Verizon to it, we could all chat. Montpelier is still a total dead zone for all Verizon customers.

When J3 comes back I’ll bring up Heir to the Stone as well. He’s had enough time off, and the big mare finally knocked him back into line (you rock, Mae! Oh total aside: How Mae – nee My Heart Beat, got her name. She is huge. When I pulled her off the trailer Dave hollers, “Whoa! Look at the chest on that horse! She looks just like Mae West!” and it stuck). Poor Taxi failed out of round pen 101 (big time lame LH and RF. RF could be yet another abscess, but that still only leaves her with three good hoppers, which is one short of a useful pony. Sigh). So Stoner is next in line. Paws crossed.

And I am still working on that video! It is now in the mail somewhere between VA and NY, where someone much more technically inclined than myself (not hard. Mickey Mouse could run circles around what I know. But Sandy is really, really clever) will attempt to make something of it. Or at least get it into a format whereby it does not take 2 hours to down load 30 seconds of video. Hmm. Yeah.

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