Oh boy.

As many of you may be aware, our big, annual fundraiser for the Montpelier farm, Art at the Barn, is coming up this Sunday. In preparation for this event, the water line at the barn broke, and we got several inches of rain last night, flooding the field in which we plan on parking. Not to mention the barn area. Just figures, doesn’t it? I think I cursed us (J3 said it was all my fault, at any rate) because as we were getting so much accomplished on Monday I said, “Wouldn’t it be great if we could get everything done and in place today?” BOOM! Pipe blew up.  Ron got it patched, and paws crossed it will last through Monday, but I was informed we must replace the entire pipe.

So, now there will be no mowing until maybe tomorrow afternoon? If it stops raining now (and it is not supposed to quit until sometime tomorrow). I can’t get the sawdust down around the stall area (flooded, see pic). Hopefully the courtyard will dry enough be Thursday to get the tents up without creating too much more mud.  And I guess I won’t finish power washing the barn.  I can’t see how adding yet more water to the mix would be in any way helpful.   The only good thing that happened was that Cubbage & Sons got my message and have already delivered the portable toilets.

And I discovered that my raincoat is not even water resistant. Sigh.

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