Oh, the irony of it all.

We’ve gone from having nothing to ride to having more horses than we can get to. Go figure. Shoes back on Jeffy and Brown. Red’s fine. Swing is okay. Dave has been cleared to go back under saddle, and I brought up Cecil and Fortune (Fortune didn’t make it, had to toss him back). And I still have three on the injured list at the barn to take care of. Time consuming, and it gets dark at five! Who was the nitwit that invented that idea, I’d like to know.

I brought up Cecil and Fortune because someone was coming to see Dave. She wanted a trail horse, and Cecil LOVES trails. Fortune was fine last year, but there is something really funky going on this year, and it will take me more than two rides and 48 hours to figure it out, if I ever do. Who knows what these guys get up to out in that field?

Anyway, it was supposed to rain all day today (it did and still is raining), so I called to reschedule the horse visit/showing until Friday. That’s fine, no problem, but in conversation it turns out now she wants a dressage horse… Hmmm… Cecil doesn’t really care for the ring. I’m back to Dave, provided he’s sound enough. But I really, really like Cecil. I just might keep him up and putter around with him on the off chance that some one out there really does want a big, black gelding to play with. Outside the ring. He will do in the ring, but if I start asking for actual “work” I get that, “Honey, you are really pushing your luck” vibe from him. And 16.2 is a long way to fall these non-bouncing days. He is a nature boy at heart, I guess.

So, I’ve got the ring all dragged (Cecil and Sassy have no shoes – hard to put your best foot forward when they all hurt) and ready for tomorrow. Keep your paws crossed that at least one of them will find their own pet human tomorrow.

I’ve got to go light the woodstove. I let it go out yesterday (been such a beautiful week it was almost worth four solid months of rain for weather like that. Heh. I’m kidding. The rain s****d). Now it is raining and going to be 32 degrees tonight. Do I have timing or what? Yep. The Or Whats have it. Oi.

I’ll let you know how tomorrow goes.

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