okay, haven’t been in touch for awhile

because really nothing interesting has been happening. I absolutely hate those people who get on facebook and say crap like, “I had eggs for breakfast! Then my kids went to school!” Great. Who cares. One usually eats breakfast, and kids are supposed to go to school. And? I suppose I could say, “I fed and cleaned stalls!” But would you be in the least bit interested? I didn’t think so. Winter is slow. We don’t do much except wait for spring. I blanket. I feed. I wait for volunteers to resurface. I deal with winter stuff such as frozen pipes, no heat, hungry cats. The only unusual thing that happened is the brake failure on the new truck. Fortunately, I had the horses back on Montpelier berfore the lights went kablooey (which term, if you are interested, comes from WWII. The town in France called Blois. US soldiers pronounced it Blooey , not having traveled much or having been proficient, for the most part, in any language. That battle was a disaster for the US and allies, so the saying “ka-blooey!” came into the english language as US slang). And there you have the rest of the story.

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  1. Anna says:

    Oh I miss Paul Harvey!
    Same here with nothing interesting happening — though we are now seeing the start of the winter coat shedding process. I have to wear a face mask (due to my sinus trouble) when I brush the boys as they are sooooo dusty from rolling in the dirt to get at the itchies. The sand gnats are starting up again, but we have had some cold days for here & that’s slowed them down. Doesn’t this sound like those terrible Facebook blurbs?! I’ll have to take your word for it as I’m not on Facebook.

  2. Robin says:

    Thanks for the updates. How is Heir to the Stone doing? Thanks for caring for him. I hope one day I can financially take care of him! He was a good boy. Mellow as can be.

  3. Liz Rush says:

    Hi Kim, Liz Rush Here. Just thought I would say hello. I hope all is well. I have 3 ottbs. Planning to get showing this year and kicking some butt in the tip classes. I have a nice 6 year old , he is going to be the eventer. Planning to go to the tb only show at pimlico this year. I am not on face book either. Stay warm !! hoping to be back on in 2 weeks. My place at home is great. 4 stalls , finally have a great arena out back. Last 2 years were rough! I had a super stare ottb . super talented. Suffered a catastrophic injury in a medicine paddock while i was on vacation .[at the clinic’s annex farm]. Carol maloney is my partner in crime. We have been to the Preakness, Belmont, saratoga. The perks of working at the equine clinic. Not alot of tb race horses around here, but it is starting to make a come back. We serve alot of stb’s . They are war horses and a delightful breed. Starting to see more of them as riding horses and special shows and classes just for them. Good for them!!! [love them] I am a huge advocate for the race horse!! nothing better than a ottb or stb!! I laugh at the wb’s when they come in[. don’t get me wrong i love all horses. ]They spook , spoiled, step on your feet. Just my opinion. I am proud to say I have 3 ottb’s. Well take care, stay warm!

  4. Sandy says:

    Is that story true? Pretty cool. I assumed it was a computer term :). Well spring comes early down your way, and if you get all of your mechanical failures out of the way now it will be a relaxing summer! It was nice chatting with you the other day, and as always, thanks for the good work you do.

  5. KWilkins says:

    Hey Liz! Hey Carol! Any of the other old Mainliners around anymore? I guess we sort of scattered. Occasionally I will get a Save Something or other email from Anna, but that’s about it.


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