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Okay! I’m back!

Yes, and I know you are all thrilled to death. Last week it rained Monday, skipped Tuesday, then straight through from Wednesday to Sunday. Stopped yesterday morning. So, not a lot going on.

Friday the vet came out to do the semi-annual herd check. We do this spring and fall, just to monitor the condition of the entire herd. The vet, of course, is out every month or so for something or other, but twice a year we go through everybody because a lot of these guys,almost all of these guys, do not self destruct every other nano-second, and therefore rarely if ever need a vet. Just to make certain no one falls through the cracks, we keep an ongoing record of basic condition every six months. Except for the two I have been watching and brought to Dr. G’s attention, we did a great job!

One of the two is just really old. I can fix a lot of things, but I cannot turn back the clock. And lately, the girl started to show her age (ummm, 30, she’s up there), so that mare was officially put on the “watch” list, and will be rechecked the end of November/December. The other was a gelding, who at 17 isn’t exactly aged, but isn’t a spring chicken, either. He just started looking not as good as he had been. Lost some weight, listless. But nothing wrong. No injury, no illness, no temp, nothing. He had his teeth done in July, so that’s okay. We decided just to bring him to the barn and feed him up for a while. Some vitamins. See how it goes.

But other than that, super! 2 out of 70 isn’t bad at all. I am pleased.

Hay is up for the winter, except for the 100 square bales I will collect this week.

Had a gate post fall apart, so Ron replaced that and rehung the gate.

We are winterizing all the farm equipment and vehicles.

I cleaned the office. It’s hard to make the mundane interesting. Sorry, guys.

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  1. Anna says:

    Sometimes the Routine is just fine — kind of Zen — and comforting. Glad your semi annual went smoothly.


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