Okay, no AATB this year

We are not having our Art at the Barn fundraiser this year, but will be coming up with something else. Hopefully something new and exciting, but as I totally stink at fundraising, I’m going to have to rely on my super committee members to come up with ideas. I’m just not a go ask for money kinda girl. My mother would be horrified.

Anyway, summer has arrived. it has been almost 100 degrees all week (my barn thermometer read 103, but it might have exaggerated), and the humidity is dreadful. Completely cliché, but the old “Like trying to breathe underwater” saying does come to mind. This morning, Roy went on strike. Can’t really blame him. He’s sitting in his stall, under the fan, and still sweating, and here I come with a saddle. He took one look at that, swung his butt around and said, “No way, honey!” I said, “Objection noted, overruled, Roy.” and we went out and did a very short bit of steering practice in the grass ring (no fence). He made me earn every bit of that ride. The only way he wanted to go was back to the barn. So, after a few good leg yields, I agreed and we went back and stood under the hose.

Off to do afternoon checks and make up my foot list for Tamio tomorrow. He’s coming as early as he can to avoid the heat, but it will still be hot, nasty work trimming horses in the fields.

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  1. Anna says:

    Humidity you can scoop! Know it well. I commend you for riding (though maybe I should say “commit” LOL) in the heat. Fans & hosing off are good things to do; we also cut back on the grain feeding as my barn owner keep the horses in during the day and let them out at night this time of the year. Kind of the flip of being way up North during the winter time. So not as much exercise. Can hardly wait for September…


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