Okay, the rat update

Now, I realize as the weather turns cooler, all the little critters start looking for warm places in which to spend the winter months.  That’s fine.  But I haven’t seen this many rats since I had to completely abandon the barn a few years back!  That was just plain scary.  At that time, I called the exterminator, who came, and was putting out little mouse traps.  I said, “No sir, we have rats.”  To which he replied, “Yeah, honey, you said.”  So I went to the manure spreader, fished out about a half dozen of the largest (I could count on at least that many floaters every morning.  You know, water buckets.  Went through a lot of bleach.) and held them up.  Mr. Exterminator kinda got the deer in the headlights look and then went and picked up all his sorry little mouse traps.

So now I just buy buckets of poison.  LARGE buckets. And do you know these rats went through three buckets last month?  Three!  Not only do they eat what I put out, but they take the top off the buckets and help themselves!  Go for it, rats.  I don’t even want to know how many there were for that to happen, but it seems to be slowing down.  The new, completely useless feral cat (who beat up all the resident cats and threw them out) refused to take up resident cat duties, apparently.  Hope that bugger winds up in Roman’s have a heart trap.  I think his count is 20 raccoons, 1 gopher and 4 possum.  Personally, I was leaning toward shooting the buggers since there is obviously no shortage,  but he has a neighbor he doesn’t like very much, so I think the entire lot of vermin have been relocated there.  As long as they don’t come back here.

On a happier note, all the Montpelier horses have been vaccinated against rabies.  As soon as I finish worming, all is right in my world again.  Except for ischialgluteal bursitis.  Anyone ever have that?  Hurts.


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