Okay, update.

Yes, I know it has been  awhile, but I really do not like being on the computer no matter what the latest “in” thing is. I don’t like the television, either. So TRF really picked the wrong blogger. I can’t stand that word as well.  So now you know.

But I said I would give you an update on Danny.

Danny is the kindest horse I have.  The vet has been out twice, and we have him on lots of joint supplements.  Seems he is just ouchy all over, nothing specific.  Three weeks in and he was trotting like a champ around the front field today, so we are well on the road to discovering what Danny wants to do with his life.  Not jumping.   He wouldn’t jump when he got here in 06.  But if anyone wants a pleasurable pleasure horse, I think I’ve got one.  He has also gained about 100 pounds.  If there is one thing we can do here on Montpelier, it is fatten horses.

Flash went on a Bull Run trail ride, and was really good!  We will be allowed back for the next.  I tied  a big red ribbon in his tail just in case, but he never even thought about it.  He walked fine, but pulled like the devil when we started to trot.  Whatever.  He didn’t kick, I didn’t fall off, it’s all good.  I just might keep this one. Got nothing else to do.

What else?  I sent Aimee all those horses and she is no longer speaking to me.  Mostly because she is so tired she can’t, I believe.  Don’t blame her in the least.

Well, that’s all.   I’ve had more calls for jumpers, which I can’t supply, so we are still here. Weather is lovely.  Spring in Virginia: no place I’d rather be.  Except bed.  Totally exhausted.  Power washed truck and trailer, then the wash stall.  The mats are really, really heavy.  Took me two days to get that done.  Now I am going to have dinner with Dave (we love Dave, he said he would help me pick up hay on Sunday.  Literally.  Off the ground.  Out of a field.  Put in truck) and sleep.  TRF needs to send Dave a trophy.

Night all!


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