Overwhelmed, that’s how I sometimes feel when the world gears up faster than I do.  Going into winter I start to fret that there’s not much to do.  Then I get used to maintenance mode. Coming into spring, I suddenly have six new horses that need to get cleaned up, shoes on and started, a herd check to reschedule (rained out),  and volunteers appearing after months of hibernation and looking for tasks.  Not to mention Tamio and I have been scheduling trim dates weekly since February that keep getting rained or frozen or snowed out.  How we can consistently pick the worst day of the week 10 to 14 days out is amazing.  You want to know when bad weather is coming?  Just call me and ask when the farrier is scheduled.  Bingo.  Awful.

So, the new guys.  I have Smashing Example, who, while not really big, is the cutest little mover and a super sweet guy.  He is loving all the attention. He’s my favorite.

Then there is Laird Angus, an imposing specimen who will hopefully remain sound and start hunting.  Considers himself a real ladies’ man.  Had lookers today.

Two Shakes was one of my first arrivals in 2003, but was quickly sent to another farm for some reason or other.  They needed horses, I think.  He was adopted out and recently returned by someone who wound up facing the prospect of feeding the horse or herself, but not both.  Been there, done that.

Those were the boys.  As for the girls, Elegant Alex is just that.  Very dark bay/black mare with no white.

Sebonac is a pretty girl, and tall!  Bright bay.

Lastly, Habby’s Appeal is a cute little thing who is finally settling in and no longer thinks I’m the anti-Christ.

Some were terribly herd bound, so I had to break them up (much screaming and crying).  Everything is settling down now.  We have had our vet check, and get our shoes next week.  Then let the fun commence!  I will post some pictures as soon as I have managed to scrape enough hair off the lot of them to make them resemble horses again.  I want you all to look at them and say, “Cute!”, not, “Does she ever put those things in a barn?”  They’ve only been here a week, and I can only do so much.  Nature has to start kicking in (not that she has a mind to, apparently.  37 and pouring all day yesterday).  I need grass!



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  1. Anna says:

    You have your hands full, and hopefully your volunteers will pitch in to make it work smoothly. We had rain all Monday night & most of Tuesday morning, about 2″ worth, so it’s pretty soggy. I’ll try to push some nice weather up your way!


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