Driving up to the Black Barn was really pretty this morning. It was foggy, frost everywhere, and the sun wasn’t up past the trees yet, so everything was backlit with a hazy yellow, and the horses were standing at the gate, blowing steam with frost on their whiskers… Just like a post card.

So, an update: I rode Tony, and he is fabulous! Did I tell you this already? Can’t remember a thing, these days. Called my mom to see if she was free for dinner this week, and she said, “What? Are you not coming on Saturday?” Uh. Saturday, huh? I checked my book, and sure enough, I’d written “dinner with mom, bring the wine, cheese and dessert.” Oookaaay. I hate the holidays. I’ve got four engagements over the next four days and I can’t remember which is which. And Tom has a fat leg, so maybe I won’t even hunt tomorrow, and he was getting so much better. Bah.

Anyway, Tony. Very balanced, very attentive, very friendly. I’ve got to call Pony Club about this guy. Also, we put a stick on him, and despite the fact he looks like a pony, he sticked 16.1 hands. Wow. This is going to be FUN!

Reg has a bit of a sore back, so Dr. G is going to come try some acupuncture. Roy is nursing an abscess already. What is it with Montpelier and abscesses? Never even heard of such a thing until I came here, and every horse around is waving a paw in the air. Poor guys. So, Roy on hold, Reg doing a bit of lungeing and working on the ground manners (yes Reg, if you took your head out of the clouds you’d notice that the annoying little biped is STILL here, as much as you’d rather ignore me and hope I just go away).

So that’s it. Off to town to buy more gas.

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