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Rain. Again.

I woke up to rain at 2 AM.  It got heavy at about 4:30 AM.  I put my barn ponies in the barn at 7:30.  Usually, everyone stays out on days they aren’t working, unless the weather totally stinks.  This morning they were all lined up at the gate, shaking.  So in they went.  The horses used to staying out were just grazing and playing.  Tell you anything?

Chick is walking mostly sound on the foot that abscessed, so he must have pushed it through yesterday.  I plan to keep him at the barn for a few weeks and get some weight back on him, then ask (again) if he will hang out with Al and Barney in the “feeder field.”  Last time he said no, and just kept running the fence line (counterproductive to the whole weight gain idea), so I returned him to his original field.  This time around, I think he hurt enough that he agreed to give my idea a try.  He certainly appreciates all the grain I toss his direction.

Funny, some horses I get in miserable condition do a complete 180 in no time and look like nothing ever went wrong in their life.  Others take a year.  Baby Trend took almost three, and I almost agreed to put him down  when he couldn’t eat round bales (resulting in explosive diarrhea, weight loss and intestinal distress – more info than you really wanted, right?  But a horse that can’t eat hay?  Really?  That’s a problem, especially given the fact that half his salivary glands do not work thanks to a “gate accident” and subsequent surgery so he chokes on grain as well.  Limited options, here).  Turned out to be herd stress.  In a herd of three, no stress.  No problems.  He looks fine.  But it took me two and a half years to figure that one out.  Unfortunately, I can’t isolate my entire herd into groups of three or four.  Nice idea, but impractical.  For many reasons.

So, nothing funny to chat about today. unless you want to picture me in a driving downpour, checking horses.  Then suddenly realizing my truck was below the red line in gas.  Would have been a long walk to the back-up can, but I did make it.  Enzo was furious he didn’t get to go to the barn this morning.

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  1. Anna says:

    Beginning to hate the rain — 6 days straight down here with the heat. My Irish TB has something going on with his rt fore heel bulbs, was thrush to begin with, now I think its too much moisture; dead lame on that foot. sigh. Barn owner did fence off the “lake” that formed from the rain in his paddock — he may be lame but he LOVES splashing in it hence a very sour-puss and pouting. But maybe it will help with the heel. Have a call into the vet. double sigh.


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