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Rain again

Okay, I’m not complaining. The fact that it is still raining this late in the year is an absolute Dogsend. But I had my horse all tacked up and poof! Down it comes. Thought I’d wait a bit and see if the clouds were just passing through. Nope. Here it is 2:30 and still raining. And we didn’t ride last week because our shoes were all flip flopping. David came on Friday and all is well, so I hoped (silly me) that this week we’d be off and running (figuratively, people. Off and running on an OTTB can be a bit scary).

So, the house update. Have you ever been so frazzled and tired you don’t know if you are coming or going? For the last week I’ve woken up sometime around 2 in the morning in my comfy chair in front of the television. I sit down, and poof! Out cold. Dave says he tries to wake me up. I don’t believe him. I think he mumbles, “I’m going up” as he walks past the door, and that’s about it. Sleeping in a chair isn’t great for one’s back. And guess what? I haven’t even gotten into the new place, and the AC unit quits. I’m going to have to work nights at McDonald’s to cover all this crap. At least I won’t wake up in my chair. Probably wake up in the truck.

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