It’s raining today, so everyone stayed home, except the mudcampers, who will be driving me nuts for the next two weeks. Montpelier runs mudcamp, which means lots of screaming children descend upon my barn twice a day, usually filthy, all wanting to use the bathroom or shower in the wash stall, and their nitwit parents drive all over the place and park in the way of tractors and such or too close to the fences, allowing the horses to eat the mirrors, windshield wipers, or just make a mess of the paint job.

But that’s not what I wanted to tell you about. What I really wanted to say is that texting is destroying my ability to spell and speak correct English (something I used to be pretty good at, being a college graduate and all). And hanging around teenagers and watching tv (Dave couldn’t stand my no tv rules. We have satellite now) has me saying “like” all the time. It’s, like, annoying.

Also, I’ve got a huge snake problem this year. Every year it is something. Ladybugs, ants, carpenter bees, those really weird black and red beetles. All preferable to this year’s infestation of copperhead snakes. I’ve had three horses bitten already, and while horses are big and the bite isn’t fatal, it is still a pretty nasty sight. Yuck. I’m running a horsie hospital. I’ve got to make a trip to Free Union today to get more vet supplies and SMZs. And bute. Going through bute like candy. I’ve had to clean out the hay stall to make room for more snake-bitten ponies. I have a feeling this is going to be a very long summer.

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  1. Anna says:

    We’ve had a cotton mouth at our barn — got chopped up before it did any damage, but like you, we have had more rain than has been seen in years & I’m sure it is driving them farther up higher ground. Makes for keeping the grounds mowed short so they aren’t laying in wait anywheres.

    I sympathize with the lack of consideration by children & parents at a barn — one reason why I moved my horse to an adult-only, no lesson program barn.

    I’m in SE Georgia (a very non-horsey place) & own a 14 yr old Irish TB gelding who other than being a sweetie, has “bad” feet, osteo-arthritis in the front fetlocks, a hind leg suspensory ligament damage (healed), and teeth that I have to watch. But wouldn’t trade him for a million bucks.

    Keep up the great work!

    • KWilkins says:

      Oh, I was at an adult only event barn in NY and it was awesome! We had so much fun! The mudcampers are slowly learning the rules. The first year was a total disaster. It goes pretty smoothly now (mostly because I show up an hour early and get everything in the barn and fed, then run away. Repeat in the evening). They have learned not to try to feed children to the horses.


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