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It is STILL freaking RAINING! I am going home to throw myself face down in the largest puddle I can find and I hope I drown before morning. We were going to the Foxfield races today. I got up waaaaay early (and I am so not a morning person) to get to the barn by seven (and it is barely light out at seven, people) to get through chorses (why do I keep mispelling that word? Chores. I don’t actually say “chorses” but it keeps typing that way). I didn’t want to get sidelined by any horsie emergency. Everyone was fine except the mare with the abscess, but I knew about that and took care of that (way early this morning). I went really, really fast, and got home by 9:30 – 10. And it started to rain. Just a little. So Dave made me breakfast (did I mention Dave totally rocks and I named a horse after him?) and it rained harder. By the time we should have left, it was another total downpour, so we watched bad movies instead. And we had really great OTR tickets and paddock parking, too! I HATE RAIN!!!!! And you know, I like Morgan Freeman, but he did make some pretty lousy movies. Or at least one pretty lousy movie, which I wasted an entire day watching. Must have had porsche payments to make. And I’m not exactly a movie critic, being the big fan of really bad B movies that I am. In fact, does anyone remember the British TV series, Doctor Who? Tom Baker was the best Dr. Who, but that’s beside the point. They had these bad robots called Darleks that scurried about blasting humans while screeching “Exterminate!” The really hilarious bit was you could see the tennis shoes under the robots, moving them about.   Seriously low budget.  And I missed about 15 minutes of Mars Attacks because I was lying on the floor laughing so hard I thought I’d pee myself. Okay, the rain is making me lose it. I’m going home to roast a duck and look for my stash of Monty Python movies.

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