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Rainy day, and 65 freaking degrees! In January!

bailey mudSam's muddy headHello, all. I just got back from a long weekend at the Homestead. Shot at skeet (notice I didn’t say “I shot skeet,” which might imply actually hitting one), went for a little hike, missed Enzo terribly. My mom said I was pathetic, and sent me daily pictures of my dog napping. He obviously didn’t miss me nearly as much.

So, walking through the big field this morning I snapped a couple of pictures of my incredibly filthy herd. Bailey never did want to be grey, and I can’t believe Sam actually got mud stuck to his forehead. Toop is so fat that she got stuck upside down trying to roll in the mud. I wasn’t quick enough with the camera to catch that, but it was pretty funny.

So, between the holidays, the ice storm, and now a week of projected rain, the new guys won’t remember a thing I’ve taught them. Well, Roy didn’t have much to forget; he’s still working on steering. He totally gets the “pull rein, turn head” practice we do on the ground. Very soft mouth. But he hasn’t translated that to mean “change direction.” He just turns his head and keeps on truckin’. So, we practice the turn on the forehand and the leg yeild to hopefully combine the two commands and eventually get a Left and a Right. For the most part, we’ve stopped running into the standards (I guess he can’t see them when he’s looking at my foot).

Tony had gotten really good about changing his whole frame and rocking back when I pick up the reins. We can go long, short, long, short very easily. Gotta improve on the forward idea, though. At first he was very zippy, so I had to ask him to slow down and think a bit. Well, he is now very thoughtful. I can see the wheels grinding. I. am. going. to. stop. now….. And. now. I. will. go. forrrrwaaaard…. Sigh. These three are all so very different it is a lot of fun to ride them all.

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  1. Jeanne Moon says:

    Oh, joy! Can’t wait to go agroomin’, merrily sing cookoo!


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