Red was so good yesterday. I think the little girl might be almost all grown up. J3 and I took Red and Jeffy (who is, by the way, the World’s Worst Babysitter Ever) on a ride around Montpelier. I think she was getting a little tired of ringwork (but she can almost canter from the walk now, without all those pesky trot steps, so whatever she says, it is working). Anyway, Jeffy was a jerk from the get go. Shying and jigging and bouncing and trying to turn around and run. At first Red thought he was serious, and looked around for the scary stuff. She couldn’t find anything. She still doesn’t like bushwacking, all that tickly stuff touching her legs and belly make her nervous, but she isn’t bad about it. The big stuff doesn’t bother her though. Horses running on the track? She’s glad she doesn’t work that hard. Tractors? Seen ’em. Round bales in unexpected laces? Potential buffet.

Jeff, on the otherhand, totally lost it at the round bale. By this point in the ride, she had given up on him. She just watched him throw a hissy fit and looked longingly at the hay (if you recall, poor Red is now on a No Pasture regimen). When we got up to the archeology students, it took Jeff awhile to get past. At this point, Red is keeping about 20 metres between herself and nitwit, and if she had a T-Shirt that said “I am not with stupid,” she’d be wearing it. She maintained the “I’ve never seen him before in my life” pose all the way back to the barn.

Then, because trail ride season is almost upon us, J3 and I decided to do a little trailer therapy. As soon as Gator saw the trailer pull up, she started whinnying and pawing and slamming her door! She must be feeling better. So she was elected babysitter (something she is very good at, and proud of. She gets to do everything first and show off). She almost trampled Jeanne in her haste to get on the trailer. So we brought out Brown. Who self loaded into the other side, but still won’t just hang out and eat so that we can get the ramp up (can’t fool Brown twice, apparently). So we put her back in the stall and brought out Red (who actually did go on a trail ride last year), and she loaded herself like a champ. So we closed her in and took the two of them on a short spin around Montpelier. Got back to the barn and it was so funny! Both horses couldn’t fathom why they were back at the same┬ábarn! Trailer rides are supposed to take you someplace new! What the heck? They stood there looking around as if there must be some mistake.

So that’s the news for now. I’ll keep you posted on Brown’s trailer progress.

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