Red bounces!

Okay, not the up and down bouncy nonsense that isn’t any fun to ride, but gymnastics! Granted, it was only twelve inches high, but she got it! A one stride to a bounce, and she said, “Whoa! this is different!” but picked her little feet right up and figured it out. So proud of her. She is also the first baby to jump a coop! Ron built a baby coop for us (19 inches, I measured it) in the yard behind the barn. Red didn’t think twice. Trotted right on over it. Hooray! She understands the basic principle, to whit: if pointed at obstacle, jump. End of subject, no alternatives allowed. She’s so good.

Brown has been hacking out with Gator to get a handle on FORWARD. Gator has a Take No Prisoners Power Walk, and waits for no man. Or beast. I really don’t like having to push and push a horse to keep it moving along (hence my love of these speedy little racehorses), and Brownie is just a laid back Whatever Dude kind of mare. She’s really got “whoa” down pat. She hears something that sounds like whoa, and stops dead in her tracks. Nice to have brakes, but seriously. But to keep up with Gator, she’s got to swing those legs and pick up the pace. She’s doing well, and she’s much more comfortable at the canter now. Because as I might have mentioned before, Gator has no use for slow. Or walk. Or brakes.

So, Gator went hunting yesterday. She was terrific, especially since we started really fast with a couple of good runs. It was a pretty fast hunt all day. I brought her in early, so she wouldn’t be overly tired (we still aren’t really fit yet. Those abscesses cost us two months training time). And then had to go to the Bull Run Christmas party. Mandatory fun. But managed to get home and back to bed by 10.

Well, a few more ponies to check and stalls to do and the usual barn stuff to get done.

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