Roy has taken the first step

Towards his new career.  Since it became evident that jumping was probably not in Roy’s best interest, since he is only seven and longevity in a career can be considered a good thing, Roy has switched gears.  Today, we started Tire Training.  Tire Training is fun, at least for me, as I get a huge kick out of different horses’ responses to it.  Basically what it amounts to is desensitization, with a tire.  I tie a tire to a rope, and then I walk a horse and drag the tire.  At first I drag it in front, so they can see it.  And then along side.  And then, scariest of all, I attach a longer rope and drag it behind the horse as we walk along.  Once that is all fine, I pick up the tire and wave it around, then drop the tire.  Once that is fine, I pick up the tire and put it on top of the horse.  This can be very entertaining.  Finally, Roy gave me the “Honey, if you put that tire on my butt one more time…” look.  I take this as, “I am no longer scared of the tire, but am starting to think you might be one of the stupidest life forms on this planet” cue.  Next step:  We do it all over again, under saddle.  And then we start Tarp Therapy, Rain Slicker Therapy, Bridge Therapy.  We’ve already been working on Mud Therapy and Gate Therapy.  All good.

On a more personal note,  you all know I bought a house, yes?  Well, Dave and I keep driving past our nondescript entrance, and then having to backtrack home.  So, after we replaced the non-working toilet in the barn office, and were presented with the problem of disposal, I hit upon an idea.  Yep,  you guessed it:  I turned it into a planter at the end of the driveway!  Can’t miss it!  Perfect, right?  Except Dave hates it and is threatening to move back in with his sister.  And I spent a lot of money on those plants!  Anyway, all who want to see pictures, speak up.

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  1. Anna says:

    Me me! Goes perfect with the SE GA landscaping schema LOL! And a pix of Roy — I can’t quite grasp the Tire Therapy — you actually put a car tire on his back????

    • KWilkins says:

      Oh yeah. He drags it, he carries it, he pushes it around. I can throw it over the top of him. After awhile they all just say, “Whatever. Stupid human. What next? Walk over a tarp? Bring it on, baby. This is dumb.” And they will do almost any old thing.


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