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Roy learns to lunge

Hooray for Roy! In fact, he is super smart and tries really hard, so he picked it up in no time. The only reason I haven’t been working with him is because he developed an abscess (believe I mentioned that) and didn’t get shoes. So, now that he is no longer ouchy, into work! If you can call walk, halt, walk, halt “work.” Hey, I’m old. I really like that HALT command. Especially when all they know at the moment is, “When in doubt, GO FASTER!” Yeesh. So, I found Roy an 84 blanket today. The only one I have. Good thing it will be 29 tonight, because it is a medium weight. And purple. On a chestnut. It kinda assaults the eyes. Enough said.

Tony is fun. He’s happy and quiet but such a little baby. He’s still getting his mind wrapped around the whole “slow” thing we do here. He’d rather play. But he’s soft and supple to both sides, so all I’ve got to do is convince him to relax and stretch down and we are gonna have ourselves a hoss! I have to do a video this week, as I am already getting nibbles about him.

Too bad my photographer is on vacation, or I’d have already been hounding Sandy to help me get them online. I scrubbed the helck (compromise) out of Reg (the grey) and tried to take phone pics of him. Did not work, and the bath lasted as long as it took me to let him go. Greys. Again, enough said.

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  1. Anna says:

    Ah yes, trying to bath anything to a reasonable cleanliness this time of the year is almost fruitless — it hasn’t rained here in weeks so there is much dust & dirt in the air, let alone their coats! You brush & brush & brush, spray with apple cider vinegar mix, brush & brush & the dirt just seems never ending! I’ve taken to wearing a scarf around my nose so my sinuses don’t back up. And the static electricity! You can power the whole state on what comes off under the blankets! Still I can’t complain much as the temperatures have been lovely here so I’ve been able to get some play & riding in these past weeks. Your new boys look nice & what a wonderful job you are doing!


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