Man, it’s just like the cartoon where the little light bulb goes on over someone’s head. He finally got it. Do I have a porsche? No. It’s more like a 1955 Buick, but it’s working! He finally realized that there might be another interpretation to reins. They might not mean “rearrange Kim’s face” or “stop all forward motion!” It’s possible, just maybe, reins could mean “drop your head and keep on truckin’.” And he did! How cool is that? The winter off must have given him time to ponder all the difficult questions his new life has brought. Turning. Wow. No one ever told him he might have to do that one day. Roy is so cool (and I’m not just saying that because Diane is listening).

And okay, maybe I shouldn’t say naughty things about Orange (if I dissed New York I doubt anyone would care. And I lived there many years, too). I’ve been here nine plus years, and if I really didn’t like the place, ya think I would have sat around this long? Did ya look at the picture? It’s beautiful (could use a Harris Teeter and a movie theatre, but whatever). I consider myself incredibly, tremendously lucky to be here and do what I do. Honestly, how many people can get up in the morning every day, and look forward to going to work because it’s something they are truly passionate about? I am lucky. But sometimes one can lose sight of that when one is lying on the ground in pain, or soaking wet, cold and covered in mud. So basically, this whole blog, start to finish, boils down to two things: I love my job and I hate rain. Horses: yay! Rain: &*%^&*. Oh and falling off stinks, too.

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  1. Anna says:

    Falling off defnly stinks. Hooray for Roy! Big Lightbulb balloons

  2. Diane Davis says:

    Great job Roy! I am glad he remembered what I told him! (just kidding…..) I am happy he is doing so well and not “rearranging your face”!

  3. Sandy says:

    Are you getting snow today too? I’m happy to hear about Roy’s breakthrough!


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