Roy Takes a Nap

Bleh rainy day.  I brought everyone in this morning to check them over, and they all fell down and went to sleep.  They must have been up late, partying.  Here’s Roy, demonstrating:

Roy takes a nap

Looked like a barn full of dead horses.

And this morning Jeanne3, Roman and I brought in a bunch of horses to get their teeth  done.  Not happy horses.  I had to close the top door of Nitwit’s stall because she was considering jumping the door.  And Sydney knocked her door clean off the barn.  I called the vet to ask if they might come earlier, and was told they weren’t coming at all!  They had an emergency drive in, and it was all hands on deck.  Great.  So we put them all out in the paddock for easier retrieval if the vets can come tomorrow.  Not happy horses.  Seriously, once they’ve lived out for a while, they do NOT want to go back in the barn.  So now it looks like once again I have managed to schedule the vet and the farrier for the same day and time.  Unless it rains, then I can reschedule Tamio.  He doesn’t want to stand in a field and trim feet in a downpour any more than I do.

And Saturday I am supposed to take horses to Airslie for the Keswick Farm Tour, but this tropical storm is coming through.  Might have to reconsider that one.  No tent, no human shelter, the horses won’t be visible as they will be hiding in the shed, and people probably won’t want to wander around too many farms in a thunderstorm.  I don’t want to go sit in a thunderstorm.  But maybe that’s just me.  I’ll check in with the organizing powers on Friday to see what’s going on.  Stay tuned.


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  1. Anna says:

    Yessirree its coming down in buckets here in SE GA — we really do not need any more rain. I can see that I’ll be doing overtime to keep ol’ Clue’s scratches in check with all the muck. And everyone will be inside tonight as TS Andrea blows through, which they will hate but this time I say, too bad so sad. They can “text” their buddies at Montpelier & commerserate about the silly humans. LOL!


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