Roy tries someting new

So, having decided Roy probably won’t hold up for very strenuous jumping activities (they all come off the track with something), we decided to ask Roy what he thought of some other pursuits.  And while I admittedly do not know a lot about judged trail rides, I think I’ve got a star!  First we tried tire practice.  Roy can now happily (well, he thinks it is silly, but doesn’t mind at all) drag a tire all around the ring on both sides.  Any many horses think strange objects chasing them from behind is alarming.

So we moved on to ball practice, and I can roll a ball back and forth under Roy without any reaction at all (if one discounts the obvious disdain he appears to be developing for my efforts to scare him).   I can bounce the ball off his legs.  He will push it and bite it, but I haven’t yet convinced him to kick it back.  He just sort of sighs and gives me the Stupid Human look.

So, I brought out the tarp!  Guaranteed scary, right?  Not really, as you can see from the picture.

I could have done rain slicker therapy today, as it bucketed down rain flooding Montpelier again (there are actual lily pads growing alongside the road.  I will get pictures and prove it) but didn’t feel it necessary to get my tack soaked.

roy on tarproy pushes ball

So, not much impresses Roy.  He has even done very well with water and mud therapy (much improved since we went on the Bull Run trail ride, if you read the previous post).  I no longer have to get off and do it first.  I don’t believe he was scared then.  I think that after I got him stuck in a tree, he seriously doubted my judgment.  Fair enough.

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