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Sandy the tech gal

Is a marvelous person and never stops working, even when I email on Sunday evening to tell her I can’t log onto this site to tell you all it is raining in Orange, VA. I can’t remember what I was going to tell you all other than that Brown tossed a shoe, I can’t get ahold of my farrier, and the vet will be here Tuesday. Enzo is peeved that he didn’t come to the barn with me. It’s raining, and wet dog in Dave’s truck… I love him dearly, but. I’m driving Dave’s truck again because the little one I bought to kick around the farm in is overheating. And because of the rain, I spent most of the day watching a documentary about penguins on tv. Uh huh. Really did. I bet you are surprised that a Farm Manager for TRF, in Montpelier Station (population about 872, including housepets) doesn’t lead a much more glamorous, celebrity studded life. Nope. Sorry. The most exciting thing I’ve done all week is duct tape my muck boots so me feet don’t get wet.

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