Did I tell you all that Sassy Lad came back a couple of weeks ago? His adopted mother is a police officer, and her job recently left her with no time at all to play with The Sassman. So, when she did get the chance to go play with him, looking for a little stress relief, all he did was mess with her. Sass is funny that way. He’s not a bad horse at all. He’s rather a merry prankster, and if he gets your number he will work it. Hard. If you call his bluff, he says, “Oh well, you got me. What next?” I like him; he’s fun and has a big personality. He attacked the tractor once. Ron was putting out hay, and like Don Quixote tilting at dragons, Sass chased that tractor across the field, wheeling and kicking and biting the tires. He was quite proud of himself when he scared that big green dragon right out of his field – prancing and puffing. He’s not everybody’s cup of tea, I guess, but I get a big kick out of him.

Anyway, the farrier put front shoes on him yesterday so we could finally do more than walk around the soggy fields. We went on a little adventure around Montpelier, and he was having a great time. Jeff (J3’s nitwit of a horse – she loves him, I think he’s a fruitloop) suddenly exploded. He does that a lot. Sass turned and looked and watched for a moment or two before it suddenly hit him: I SHOULD BE DOING THAT TOO! KaBoom! So I kaboomed his fuzzy backside and he quit (“Kim is absolutley no fun at all. Just trying to amuse myself. Jeff got to do it”). After that it was an uneventful walk home.

And then Sally Hamlin showed up to sponsor a horse. We went for a little drive about the field and she picked Carl (Certifiably Crazy for all you JC sticklers. But he isn’t crazy at all. He’s quite nice). Congratulations to Sally and Carl!

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