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Anyone else as excited as I am that cubbing season officially starts tomorrow morning at 7 am????? Finally! Of course, Gator tossed a shoe in honor of this occasion. Unluckily for her, the farrier lives next door and is coming to put it back on this evening. Take that, Missy! Of course, as soon as her feet are back in order she will no doubt run out and impale herself on the nearest fence post or something.

Now I’ve got to see if I can even get my boots on. I might have, um, gained just a teensy bit of weight over the summer… I was doing great until I crashed my truck and was grounded for about 5-6 weeks. I couldn’t dress myself, tie my shoes, braid my hair… So I sat around feeling sorry for myself and cried in my beer. Then I drank it and ordered a pizza. So now that I am functional, I’ve been trying to get rid of that pizza (and the others that followed, I mean, hey, who wants to cook when you can’t even hold a fork?)

And since Swing has already proven herself she will get to go out, too. Maybe someone will fall in love and take her home. She’s started jumping now, too.

All my girls are jumping (okay, they are itty bitty jumps, but they are still jumps). Yesterday Red, Swing and Brown all did some gymnastic work. Red is unbelievable – she just rolled through the triple like she’d done it her whole life. Swing did fine, got all three fences. Brown, lacking the impulsion, only did in and outs. I finally figured out that the little fences were apparently not worthy enough to be addresssed and put it all up to 2’3″ and backed out the ground poles. She trotted up, her expression went from “Oh not again….” to “What’s that?” She picked up the pace and made two beautiful efforts and we got off and gave her peppermints (Barn Motto: will work for food). I was super pleased with all three of them.

Gotta go tackle those boots…

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  1. Lisa C says:

    Yay for the mares! There’s nothing like a little gymnastic to test those newfound jumping skills.

  2. Sandy P says:

    Cubbing??? I had to look that up! I thought you meant the NJ/NY sport of ‘clubbing’, which of course has no season and does not ever begin at 7am.
    Well you are off cubbing and I am relaxing here in NJ to the gentle hum of the generator, which I’d better get used to since we may not have power until Monday.


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