I am up here in the office tidying up while I wait for the vet (more tooth floating).  The horses are being remarkably quiet.  I guess that’s what happens when you bring an entire field in, and no one gets separated or left behind.

Anyway, shedding.  My guys are all shedding and we haven’t even gotten to August yet!  Are they just preparing for hotter weather, or is this winter going to be even worse than the last?  Scary thought.

Tony and Chick hacked across Montpelier yesterday, and were terrific.  Chick was especially nonchalant.  He led past all the scary stuff (Montpelier is ripping out all the fences and knocking down the old run – ins, so there were dump trucks and backhoes making noise).

I need to go back outside.  The mothballs are killing me, but they keep the rats away.

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  1. Anna says:

    Shedding already?? Maybe its just extra sweat dirt
    I hate August — if I can get thru its nasty hot 4 weeks, I’ll be OK. Lots of hosing off sweaty horses in the afternoons; at least now they can get out of the sun & have the fans on in the stalls if they wish to go in; my well water must taste better (non-sulfurated) as they are going through it…hmmm, like water. Still watching for any colic signs from Cielito, my Irish TB. He has taken a fancy to grain-gruel, if I don’t slop in some water, he turns up his nose. Nothing is different about the portions or brand, just a passing fancy with the hot weather possibly. Clue the ol’ QH will eat whatever you put in front of him.


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