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I adopted Flash AKA Mystic Fever.  The grumpy thing.  He is less grumpy with me than anyone else, and he’s all I have left to ride, so I guess we are stuck with one another.

Point of Glory failed out.  While he was a delight to ride in the ring, ALONE, if there was another gelding in the ring or a mare within a mile he LOST it.  Especially mares.  My friend must have been gelded very late.  Only explanation.  To avoid yet another trip to the ER, I resorted to something I haven’t done in many years: I ran him straight into a fence to buy myself enough time to bail.  Bummer.

So, I have my order in for hay, as it is looking like a very dry summer.  Will get with the Ag extension and Southern States about the fields.  The vet is coming Tuesday for the spring herd evaluation.

Oh, and I put Aviendra on  Hope to get good pics of her online this week.  She is a 5 yo lightly raced mare.  Been on Montpelier for a year and a half, and is now holding weight and being friendly.  Probably time for her to find a new job.

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