14 inches of snow, after rain rain rain, and now several days of 60 degrees. I am very, very happy for the warmer temps, believe me, but can we talk mud for a moment? Knee freaking deep. Boot sucking mud. Hah! Reggie wouldn’t come up this morning, so, being the hardworking, dedicated horsewoman that I am, I waited until Jeanne showed up and told her to go get her horse. 🙂 She practically skied (what’s the past tense of ski? Skijoring. Is that the sport where you ski along behind a horse?) all the way in. It was all she could do to stay on her feet. She made it, but only barely. Ron and I were making bets.

So we rode in the ring a bit. Newsflash! T The Jerky Ulcer Horse is doing really well on Omeprazole! I can actually attempt to ride again, rather than just hold on and hope I don’t die. Of course, now that I am actually trying to ride, I realize I can’t. SO out of shape. This is hard work! So, I dragged out the Nordic track thingy, and here we go. When I had bunches of adoptables and rode 6 or 8 a day, staying in shape was never a problem. Driving around and counting to 67? Not exactly a fitness routine, to which my ever widening backside can attest. Although Enzo does like truck rides.

So, I am going in to work tomorrow (my day off) to RIDE. T is gonna hate me, but I will bring a peppermint peace offering. He is as out of shape as I am, so we will suffer together. I’ll keep you posted.

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