Slow Time

Actually, over the holidays it was Dead Time. Not much happend. Volunteers have their families in, and if the weather is ikky, they don’t even bring the grandkids out to see the pretty ponies (and I do have some pretty ones. Others, eh, not so much, but it doesn’t make ’em bad ponies). But now we are moving into the Nasty Weather Time of Year. Only the super hard core show up (like J3, and I’m convinced her husband tosses her out and locks the door behind her some days. Talk about energy! Even Enzo can’t keep up (well, he doesn’t really try unless you smell like a hamburger or something. If there’s nothing in it for him to eat, he takes a nap in the sun. It’s good to be Enzo). So, we will be pretty much confined to slow work in the ring, and walks around Montpelier unless it gets too icy. Then I rearrange the tack room or something. Today I have to figure out how to keep the rats from eating the horse blankets. Apparently, the fluffy stuffing is perfect lining for winter nests. Cats are useless. Rats were supposed to be in the contract, that’s why they (the cats) were hired, but there does not seem to be a great deal of actual ratting going on. Mostly birds and squirrels. And those things are not in the barn eating blankets! Need Jack Russells. Pest people won’t fumigate anymore, something might get sick. Well, duh! Sick and DIE! That’s the whole point.

Anyway, Tamio will be here today to finish up the last of the trims. Then we sit back and wait until spring, because the hooves slow down as well. The only thing that doesn’t slow down is the eating. The herd has suddenly decided to rip into the round bales, so I am going to have to bundle up, hop on the tractor, and bring them some more. Not a problem, unless it’s raining. That can be a real drag.

So, not a whole lot to report. Erik did get adopted, though! Almost forgot! Don took him home and Erik (now Chester) is living the life. Good for Cherik. Ester. Whoever. I’ll post a picture later if there’s time. Right now I’ve got to go meet Tamio. And feed a goose to a fox.

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