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Smash and Flash

Gets confusing.  I get their names mixed up.  At any rate, they both went out on a trail ride today that proved to be more than we anticipated.  With all the recent storms, trees are down all over the trails.  Some we had to get off to negotiate (well, J3 got off.  I sat there.  But she had the shorter horse), some we had to hop, and sometimes some serious bush whacking/trail blazing was required.  Both boys kept their cool and did what was asked.  I was so proud!  Of course it helped that we kept Smash in the lead (he really hates not being number one) and that I have taken Flash off the property a few times for trails rides where he practiced being in the rear.

Despite being 6 inches shorter, Smash kept up one helluva pace (that little horse can WALK!), and Flash was content to be as far as 15 strides behind at times!  Wow.  Progress. I don’t think either would have done it alone, but together they made  nice team.  Well done, boys.

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