Snow, AGAIN?

Are you kidding me?  I ran out of round bales.  Bought more.  Ran out of those.  Now we are tossing the last of the square bales.  Guaranteed that if I plan on nasty weather until April for next year, it will be beautiful and I will be stuck with fifty extra round bales.  Can’t win for losing, as they say.  But it is supposed to turn to rain this afternoon.  Maybe that will wash away the snow.  We have over an inch already, and it is still coming down pretty hard.  But it is pretty.  And quiet.  I enjoy being the only one at the barn at times like this.  All you can hear is the horses.

When I worked in New York, I used to open the barns for precisely that reason, which kinda makes no sense, as I am not a morning person ( the Army cured me of that), and hate getting up in the cold and driving in the dark.  I used to have a weather test.  After I got dressed and had my cup of coffee, I would step outside and inhale.  If my nostrils froze shut, I knew the day was gonna be tough. Okay, now that I’ve typed that out, it sounds pretty weird (although I’m sure all in Saratoga are laughing their butts off right now), but it really was an excellent indicator of how the day would play out.  Might be why I moved South.  I haven’t even thought of that in years.  Wish I had no call to, now.

I have to call the vet and schedule the spring herd check, but the weather isn’t cooperating.  It is going to rain today, then Friday and Saturday as well, which means the fields will be too wet to drive over.  Vets, interns, horse catchers.  We’d make a bad situation even worse with all those vehicles.  Well, we’ll do what we can.  Poor horses really suffered this winter in all that rain, despite the blankets.  And with the cold rain coming, they might lose even more weight.  This isn’t going to be all that pretty.

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  1. Anna says:

    Hahaha, I did the exact same thing when I lived in Wisconsin about the nose test! That’s exactly why I stayed south of the Mason-Dixon Line.


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