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So here’s a question:

How can it be raining out, and be only 80 or 85 percent humidity? The way I see it is, if there is so much humidity in the air that water is actually falling on my head, that’s 100 percent humidity. What, do these meteorologists only count 100 percent if you are under water? As in completely submerged? I will never understand this world.

At any rate, Sara has informed me that more horses are on their way to Montpelier!! Excellent. We shall sort them out and see what they can do. That’s always the fun part. Yes, I love taking them cubbing, and on trail rides and hunter paces (note that I did not mention shows, gag), but the really fun part is figuring out what they know, what they like (or don’t). Where the strenghts and weaknesses lie. They are just one big puzzle to be solved, and as long as I don’t hit the dirt too many times trying to figure it out, it’s fun. J3 can’t stand it, but I can spend all day at the walk in the ring asking, “Can you go left? Right? Stop? Back up? Move off the left leg? The right? Can I put hand and leg together in the same aid without you melting down?” Hey, and that’s before I even climb abord. I love that part.

To get cool new ideas, I am going to a cross country clinic this weekend with Mary Schwentker. I am going super baby novice, as most of the off track ponies I get are not quite ready for Rolex. I am going to brush up on how to get Baby over the cross rail, basically, but Wingreen farm is wonderful. All sorts of cross country fences from the super baby beginner (me) to upper level stuff. The place is a real confidence builder for both horse and rider. Wish me luck. The rules say I must wear boots, helmet and vest (all of which I have and will wear), but if it were up to Dave, I’d be swathed in bubble wrap. Okay, I am old and don’t bounce all that well, but seriously! I’m gonna be trotting two foot fences! He wants to get one of those cool gas inflated vests. I told him it would have to come with a lifetime supple of CO2, because even if I don’t fall off, I’d never remember to unhook before dismounting. Can you just imagine the OTTB reaction to a suddenly inflated human popping off the side? I can, and it ain’t pretty.  Especially if I am still tethered to the dang thing!

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  1. Sandy says:

    I think King De might be on his way. Can’t wait to hear what you think of him.


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