Spoke too soon

Bummer. Got a nasty storm this afternoon that dumped at least two inches in under an hour, and everything flooded. Roads, bridges, the office, all the stalls at the Yearling barn… The drain field was already toast, so I guess using the toilet or washing machine or wash stall is out of the question for quite a while. Aside from that inconvenience, the worst part is the horses simply cannot dry out. I’ve had more abscesses this year than I’ve ever seen in my life time. And mold. It just won’t…! stop…! freaking…! raining! Okay, rant over. I’m going to go check on the stall ponies, then go home and bang my head against a wall until it is time to come back and do night check. (You see? Back to normal. I get to complain about the weather again).

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