Basically brings weeds and allergies.  But that’s okay.  Today we finished worming and vaccinating the herd (thank you Roman and NancyH).  The usual subjects opted out.  But that’s okay too.  They are way bigger than I am.  In fact, they are way bigger than all three of us, so if I don’t think I can argue, wrestle and win, we do not engage.

Dance Vice was adopted, and Elizabeth keeps sending me updates.  She loves him!  Finally someone willing to look past the cribbing (the one and only downside to Danny, an absolute horse angel).  So that makes three so far this year!  Live Love Laugh (Ellie) will start work next week after she gets front shoes.  Henrik Rules (Henry) still has a couple months of R&R before he has to learn how to be a civilian.

Flash is still Flash.  I still get a dozen requests a week about him, but you remember the old saying ‘pretty is as pretty does?’  Yeah, he can be an ass.  After two and a half years he trusts me.  I can do more with him than ever before (on the ground).  He doesn’t kick me, but I still get bitten now and again.  Not like he used to be:  DIE HUMAN!  but more like “Oh, you’re here.  Maybe I should bite you.  No? Seriously, what’s wrong with you?”   And while he will do flat work, jumping appears to be out.  Put up a 12 inch little vertical and asked him to walk/trot over it.  He did, but the bucking tantrum afterwards wasn’t worth the effort.  So Flash, you had better step up your dressage game! 

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