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Steuart Pittman

Steuart said something in an interview once, that I cut out and stuck to my refrigerator, as it truly spoke to me.

“It can be difficult turning your hobby into your job. You have to remind yourself that you do it because it’s what you love, and you are lucky to get to do something you love every day.”

I’ve said before that I am very, very lucky to work for TRF, with these wonderful animals, and hopefully make a difference (for the better, of course) in their lives. I still believe that I am very, very lucky.

But this morning, as I put on extra layers, the balaclava,  saw the temperature was 10 degrees, the wind chill at MINUS FIVE, I had to read that saying twice.  Not to sound totally cliché, but the wind truly sounded like a train circling the house all night long.  Not much sleep happening here.  And while my best buddy and constant companion Enzo refused to be left at home, he also declined to get out of the truck once we got to the farm.  The dog is smarter than I am, but he doesn’t have a mortgage to pay.

Happy to report all horses are fine.  And as long as I have electricity, I have heat, so I came home to wait for night check in comfort.  Also, I had laundry to do.


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