Still cold

Dang.  I was at work until 6:45 last night, busting open water tanks and running water out to fields in the pickup (thank Dog for Mike and Francis Youngblood and four wheel drive).  Tom Chapman thankfully figured out that one of the tanks’ floats had frozen in the up position, thus indicating to said tank that, “you are full.  No water needed.”  So, there was no water.  He got that one fixed.  Filled another with hot water (not having tools on hand to do anything other than wave my hands in the air and feel silly), so maybe that worked.  And I just stood around hand watering a few beasties from the tank in the back of the truck.  I am so lucky I didn’t slip and bust my head.  The water froze as soon as it hit the tailgate, the digging bar, the bucket, everything.  Me.  But horses do seem to like nice, warm water.

Roman reported all is as well as can be this morning.  Except for the fact it is still snowing and still 15 degrees, and hasn’t been over 20 in almost a week.  ZERO yesterday.  That was fun.  Not.  Very unusual for Virginia.  In fact, while we do have a handful of single digit days here and there, I have never seen the temp hit zero since I moved back in 1997.  Nor has it been this cold for this long.  Now, the weather channel said it will warm up to 33/34 overnight and all this snow will turn into rain tomorrow.  Super.  Tomorrow I am back on duty.  Oh, to have been born smart and not so dang pretty….  Maybe I’d be in FL with Sandy rather than wearing every stitch of clothing Dave owns and dragging a digging bar through the snow to bust open ice tanks.  😉

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