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Still here

Hi all.  Yep, we’re still here.  Blue Ridge donated the last of our needed vaccines (thank you Blue Ridge Equine!) so Jeanne1, Jeanne3 and I finished the last of the horses today.  Whew!  I am so glad that’s over!  Relief.  We are all back up to date on everything necessary to stay happy and healthy until the next time.

The interesting news is Cecil.  He went bald.  Kinda looks like a naked mole rat.  I saw what looked like a scrape over his right eye on Sunday, and thought, “Well, that looks interesting.  Guess we’ll keep an eye on it.”  And Monday he was bald.  But skin scrapings showed no mange or other little bugs.  So today he got a special bath (which he REALLY did not appreciate).  He’s on antibiotics and up in the barn (naked horses get a little cold in December, you know), and very, very peeved.  I’d use another P word, but don’t think I’m allowed to cuss on this forum.  My grandmother always said swearing showed a lack of imagination and a poor vocabulary, anyway.  (Aside:  OOOH!  It’s dark and the rats are going nuts in the wall behind me!)

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