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Still hot

101 degrees at the moment. But I do have the ponies up under the fans now (at least the few I am working). They are grumpy, but not as grumpy as they were out in the field. I gave them all a quick shower when they came in.

We need to get Brown back on the trailer for another ride, but J3 didn’t get my email in time, so didn’t show up this morning. Just as well as I was sweating buckets by 8:30 (Ooh, yeah, pretty picture. TMI). Two shoes thrown, farrier coming tomorrow. Then next week, and again the week after. And the week after that. That should get us all caught back up, and we will have about a month before we start again.

I haven’t gotten anywhere with the painting. I go in the ring with great intentions, and fifteen minutes later I’m running for the AC. No point falling over. Been there, done that, and recognize the signs (who said you can’t teach an old dog anything?).

So, I’m going through pictures for the invitations to Art at the Barn. This will be the sixth annual AATB, and we are starting to gain a following. Pretty big crowd last year. Until tables arrrive, my responsibilities have been fullfilled: I have obtained the Port-a-Johns and the liquor license. Hmmm… Crap and booze. I’m not sure what that says about me… Probably best not to speculate.

Then I’m going to clean tack. Good thing there is never a shortage of tack to be cleaned. It’s my fall back position for bad weather. Too hot? Clean tack. Raining cats and dogs? Clean tack. Notice I didn’t mention filing. Whoever invented filing should be shot. If they are already dead, dig ’em up and shoot ’em again.

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