Stinkbugs trying to kill us all!

Be afraid, be very afraid!

I swear the little buggers are bent on world domination. We started having electrical problems at the barn. Power surges. The well pump quit. Ron and Mike isolated the problem to the main breaker, which meant I had to get the electric company to come shut off the power. Ron pulled the box apart and guess what? There were tons of stinkbugs INSIDE the switches! How they got there I can’t say. At any rate, we solved the problem. Now I’ve got to get the power turned back on so we have water again. Electricity I can live without. Didn’t have power at that barn for ages after we took over the lease. But water? Not so much. Kinda important for the continuation of life as we know it. Or life, period.

Going to make that phone call now.

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  1. aaron says:

    I feel your pain. I’ve had several stink bugs that actually get in the breakers in my panel box. I’ve replaced multiple breakers. if you tap on the breaker dead stink bugs will fall out where air goes into the breaker. I think there getting in between the contacts. Good luck… these are some pesty creatures


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