We had a HUGE thunderstorm Thursday night. I put all the ponies in the barn, and had a muck bucket under the leak in the gutter. I emptied that tub twice before I left the barn at 7pm! That’s how much water was coming down! And the ponies were pretty happy to be out of that mess, I can tell you. Friday morning was storm clean up. I have never seen the stalls flood at the black barn before, but they were flooded on Friday. Hay stalls, too. Fortunately everything was on pallets, but it was still a mess. And J3 obviously had not drunk enough coffee that morning, because when the hose sprung a leak, she thought it had started raining again. From where I was standing, I could see she was standing under a little geiser. I just said, “Uh huh. Move to your left.” It was good for a bit of a laugh anyway. We do have fun, even when we don’t get to ride.

J3 and I drove around and checked the fences, which were all still standing. That’s good, because Ron is still on the injured reserve list, and the Montpelier races are only a week away now, I think.

Secret is still on meds for a sinus infection, and has finally realized she is faster than I am, and doesn’t really have to stand to be caught to take her foul tasting medications. So, after I get more gas and finish rounds, I’m going back to try again. If I do manage to capture the beast, she is going to live in a round pen until this is cleared up. If that doesn’t work, I’ll get a few cinder blocks and tie them to her feet. Hah! Kidding, but it would slow the rotten mare down a bit, don’t you think? I’m just amazed it took her two whole weeks to figure out how to run away.

Went to opening meet yesterday. Cartopping. Pretty dull, if you are not on a horse. But we did see some pretty spiffy foxwork. The little guy ran across a field, through a drainage ditch, across another bit of field and hung a right down to the river. He ran back up the river into the drainage ditch, and looked like he was going to backtrack right along his first line, but got turned by the tail end of first flight. Pretty clever little fox. He just jumped back in the river and got away, scott free, while the hounds were still trying to decide which way he was running.

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