It occurs to me that while crisis mode is normal for me, and probably everyone who works on a farm, I sometimes forget to tell you some of the more odd things that happen around here.

1. Last Saturday a HUGE oak tree fell on top of the fence. It landed square on one of Montpelier’s cement fence posts and absolutely crushed it. Two pieces of rebar inside were twisted up and mangled. The largest bit of cement left was about four inches square. It fell across the road, too, so Dave and I helped Bill clear that up. Thanks, Dave. So now I have firewood.

2. I told you about the water tanks being turned off, yes? Well, I thought I was so clever and put out the tanks and filled them up before we even needed to, and guess what? Yep. Every dang one of them leaks. Even the plastic one! I had it completely filled and stepped back to admire my handiwork and pop! While I was watching it sprung a leak. Sigh. That one can be fixed, though. But the metal ones are toast. Can you say planter? I hear one can grow lovely veggies in them.

3. A friend lent me a horse to foxhunt, and it promptly tried to commit suicide. Don’t know how, and we checked the fenceline and everything in the paddock, but he managed to put a large wound/2 inch puncture in his throat. Amazingly, he missed everything important. He should be dead. Instead, he just cost me a fortune in vet bills and I had to explain to his owner how I tried to kill his horse… That was fun. But he will be fine.

4. I have completely lost my cell phone. Again. I’ve looked everywhere. I think the dog ate it.

5. I put so many moth balls in the office (to chase out the rats) that I succeeded in chasing myself out of the office. I can’t even breathe in there. At least there aren’t any moths.

6. I went to spot spray the fields for weeds and didn’t notice the clamp was missing on the hose. The first time I pulled the trigger it exploded and doused myself with herbicide. Good thing I’m not a plant.

7. We brought six horses up to the barn to have their teeth done. The field ponies HATE leaving their buddies. Cammy lost it and while she was being a total jerk, I gave the shank a good yank. She deserved it. But apparently I am Hercules, because the chain snapped in half (go figure) and she got loose. She went zooming back up the road, where J3 finally caught her with Patrick’s belt. Thanks for the loan, Patrick.

So that was my week. Oh, and Dave’s new puppy has eaten or shredded every sock that I own. Or used to own. Thanks, Dave.

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