Oh thank dog she got on the trailer! I backed it up so that the shavings bin was on one side, and the fence directly behind. Ron got the gate off the paddock and that made the third side of my “corral,” all 8×8 feet of it. Lunge line around the back side, no way she could get out of this one, or escapre, or back far enough to render said lunge line useless. HA! GOT YOU NOW, BROWN! And she agreed. Hop, on she went. Took about two minutes. So quick, slam door, loaded her buddy and went for a drive. Today we repeated the loading, which took even less time (she took one look at Dave and said ,”Oh! Your are much bigger than Kim is!”). About 15 seconds and she was on there. What a relief! She may get on the trailer for her new human yet. She’s no dummy. Stubborn as a mule at times, but stupid? No.

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