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Sunday morning

A quiet Sunday morning after all that rain (yes, again) Friday night. My little rain gauge said it collected just over two inches. Watched the news and some weather guy said VA is still below average in precipitation. I want to know where this dude is! I’m up to my ears in mud, and if some brilliant individual had never invented the horse blanket, I probably wouoldn’t be riding until August! Yeesh.

Poor Red. She’s so ready for the next step up in training, so I’ve upped the ante. I”m asking for just a little better, more prompt responses, better leg yeilds, more balance, more impulsion!!! And her response was, “This is really freaking hard!! I want my mommy!” So she does ring work on alternate days, and happy trail rides on the others. Trying to keep the balance. Don’t want grumpy ponies.

Brown has totally got this whole cantering in the ring thing (as you might recall, she couldn’t figure out why I wanted to go so fast to get right back where we started. I have to agree with her that sometimes it does seem pointless). She can canter AND steer! (okay, yeah, but this is a mare who really wants to sit and think things through. If she doesn’t get it at the walk, don’t bother trying the trot…)

And it looks like Dave has found a home. Adoption has been approved, transfer not yet complete.

What else? I washed my dog. Destroyed yet another vacuum (three dogs), had lunch in Middleburg yesterday… Went to an art gallery in Warrenton (Berkely, look it up) that is showing Tim’s extraordinary bird carvings. Very talented.

Picked up my new (okay, it is old enough to vote) little truck. Hope it does better on gas than the other one. With the price of gas these days, I think I’ll just build a corral in the yard and ride these horses back and forth to work. Why not?

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  1. Diana says:

    Isn’t there some therapeutic use for that orange mud? Do you have other sound horses for adoption?

  2. KWilkins says:

    Local cultures use it as a permanent dye. On skin and clothes.

    2 sound mares. 2 mares sound enough with joint juice for low level fun stuff. 66 retirees, who could be therapeutic, with or without the mud.


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