Survived the races!

Yep, I know I haven’t been online in a while. I do try to avoid all uses of the computer and internet that I can.  However, here I am, checking in.  Last Saturday was the first plein air painting event to support the TRF at Montpelier at the Montpelier races.  I don’t have numbers, but hope all the artists involved had a good time.  I certainly appreciate their involvement and support!  Lots of beautiful pieces of work.  Lots of time and effort on Nancy Lowey’s part, as well as all the artists and helpful models (thanks, Tom and Becca).

As for the barn, I am running hospice for horses again.  I can go forever without so much as a boo boo, and then suddenly have a barn full of casualties.  I really should keep track of moon phases and syzygy when this stuff happens.  Maybe I can predict when I will need to open the hospital doors.  Fortunately nothing serious, just horses that need meds and attention a couple times a day.  Easier to do that at the barn than chase them around the field with a syringe of SMZs.  Funny how they learn to recognize impending medication.

Of course, I have two farriers coming out on Friday.  I needed to create another me, and Jeanne 1 stepped up and said she could do the job.  Fortunately, the field I am sending them to all need to be done.  No ID required.  Catch 12, trim 12.  And they are all catchable.  Shouldn’t be too tough.  I guess I owe J1 chocolate!

My ring is dusty.  Need rain.


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  1. Anna says:

    Hope the Race Days brought in a good catch for you!

    It’s been dusty down this way too, but it is good for toughening up the soles — all the humidity makes for softies. I found a way around it for my flat footed boy & the one with the club foot — rim pads! They have been great; tried the leather ones first, didn’t hold up well so now we’re wearing “Nikes” – neoprene ones. Haven’t had any problems with ouchy feet at all.

    Pasture grass is dying back so will be doing more hay & alfalfa — there’s a few green spots still but few & far between. Our weather has been strange — warm, then really cold (for us), then warm, then cold — makes for colic watching. Bran mash with mineral oil on those cold days to keep the innards lubricated.

    Cielito had his teeth done Tuesday — he had a few hooks that were making mild lacerations on the inside cheek. He is much happier now.


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