Yesterday I had a few girls from Sweetbriar college come out to work off a community service requirement for some course they are all taking. Lauren, Simone, Bree and Bree (how many Brees i n this world? Two? I had ’em both in the field. How odd) helped me go through the old guy’s field and give everyone a solid brushing and we treated for skin ickies. They were terrific help, and I was impressed that there really wasn’t much skin funk going on out there (my volunteers are on top of things – at least they were untill all this holiday nonsense set in and now they are off doing family stuff when they really could be having much more fun out here standing in a field. At least, that’s my opinion, but given the fact they aren’t here I think we differ on that point. Sigh). So super, more community involvement/awareness. And I invited Simone to come hunting with me if she wants. Well, that’s it. I’m in a bit of a hurry – must go meet farrier.

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