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Has left the building! Hope she has fun being a Civil War reenactment pony. Her new owner had better be the guy carrying the flag, because that mare is definitely going to lead the charge. She’s just going to Unionville, so I’ll get to see her around because the war is not only not over down here people, it is reenacted every freaking weekend. Crike. You lost. Move on (ooooh, just infuriated every reader south of the Mason-Dixon line. Can’t please everybody). But you know what’s funny? Growing up in Concord, MA, the Revolutionary War was given great coverage in grade school. Probably the better part of the semester. The one question on the final concerning the Civil War was something like, “Who won?” (Yeah, now everybody is reeeaallly mad, but truly, that was about it).

Next subject: my dog is still the best dog on the planet, not to mention the most spoiled. But I think he is starting to get a little arthritic. He’s seven.

No J3 today, she stayed home to paint. That’s okay, because my horses crashed and burned, Dunemoor whacked his back leg, Jeff got a close nail and is getting the day off… I’m out of horses. I can walk Erik around all by myself.

At least the weather has been beautiful all week. You noticed I did not log on to whine about the weather? Very unseasonable for August (78 yesterday???), but the horses and I are enjoying every minute of it. If that stupid Jeff horse hadn’t jumped up and down on my achilles I’d go for a walk.

Tell you how stupid this horse is: when he loses it, he totally freaks. He freaked coming out the gate, stomped me, I screamed bloody murder – it hurt! and that so flustered him he fell down and flailed around on the ground.   And no, I didn’t hit him.  I was too busy hopping around on one foot, crying.   Serious screw loose, there.   The horse, I mean.  We already know people who work with horses are all a bit daft.  I couldn’t get a shoe on all weekend, so Dave cleaned stalls for me. Thanks, Dave! So, yeah, when he got a close nail yesterday I wasn’t feeling too sorry for him. We fixed it, of course, but I sure didn’t lose any sleep.

So that was my week: vet bills, fat legs, beautiful weather and getting stomped. Could have been worse. I could have a desk job.

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  1. Lisa Craig says:

    Those of us with desk jobs must live vicariously through you!


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