Swing’s big adventure

Hey, I can’t chat long as I’m expecting a new horse in soon and the drivers seems a bit confused by my directions. Or lack thereof.

Anyway, did I say Swing would be smashing? I meant BRILLIANT! She was by far, absolutely the best first time horse I’ve ever taken to the hunt field! She loaded fine, shipped fine, stood on the trailer for a while munching hay while I got ready. She got a little nervous when she couldn’t see another horse, so I asked Laura to bring her mount around, and then Swing was fine. Once I was up (she even stood still for that) she was a bit prancy while she looked about for the track. No track, so she just stood there and watched the hounds. She wasn’t nervous at all, more intrigued.

Then first flight moved off and we had to wait for second to organize (the master was late – it wasn’t me holding things up for a change! Amazing they don’t toss me out). She stood and waited. She was fabulous. Absolutely fabulous. I brought her in early so she didn’t get too tired (we are both fat and out of shape), and she loaded straight back up, and we came home.

I am absolutely, positively thrilled. No biting, no kicking, no jigging, no panic, nothing. She even stood at checks! First timers never do that! Oh, and did I mention she is also in season? Raging, but you could never tell by her behaviour. I love this mare. I’ll get you a picture soon. Might be one on TAN.

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  1. Helen Wilson says:

    Is the horse you are writing about Swing Street?

    If so, she is still as intelligent and good natured as when she was when first born.


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