Swing’s second great adventure

Swing went cubbing gain today. We had a minor disagreement about getting on the trailer until I brought out a bucket of grain, at which point she conceded that a bit of exercise might be a good thing. She hauls beautifully. Once we got there, I tossed on her bridle and backed her straight on out. She was a bit high (now that she knows what will happen next) but nothing unusual for a green horse out on her second hunt. Mostly looking about. This time out she even hopped a few really small fences. No hesitation at all! She was great! She was so much better about keeping her distance from the horse in front. We were out for about two and a half hours, then came in. The only snag in the otherwise brilliantly perfect day (even the weather was gorgeous – 46 when I left he house, 58 upon return – no humidity) was that she did not want to get back on the trailer to go home. Pam helped me, and 15 minutes later we were on our way. Maybe she just had so much fun she wanted to keep going. Once she figures out there is definitely a return trip to the barn she’ll be super easy, just like Gator, who did the same thing when she started going out. Back home, gave her a shower (they are so furry now I might have to clip early!) and let her go play with her buddies.

Now Lisa C and I are making copies of the art at the barn brochure and getting ready for tomorrow. Looks like the weather is finally cooperating and it will be a great day.

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