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T the not so jerky ulcer horse!

Today was day three on omeprazole.  While we didn’t do anything brilliant, it was so wonderfully NORMAL!  He behaved, on a windy day, after not having been ridden in over a week, like any well behaved, normal, green horse.  It was so awesome!  We even cantered.  Yeah, he bucks picking up the right lead, he always does, but then he just cantered.  He didn’t have a single temper tantrum!  When I got on, he just stood there and waited, and I have the picture to prove it!  Thank you for your help, Nancy!  The whole idea of riding the shoulders really made sense.  A light bulb moment!  AHA!


t mounting

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  1. Anna says:

    What a nice Christmas present for your both — a calm tummy and a calm ride!

    Enjoy your holiday — though with horses there is never really a holiday is there LOL


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